Marijuana: Let’s Grow a Pound

Marijuana: Let’s Grow a Pound


Let's Grow a Pound shows how to convert a closet into a "golden garden" - a garden that produces a pound of marijuana. Now you can always have a large stash on hand for you and your friends.

This new book from SeeMoreBuds uses the same visual day-by-day format as Marijuana Buds For Less, picturing the daily growth of the garden in up-close, full color detail so you can compare your progress to his plants. This time he pumps up the yield by using HPS lights.

SeeMoreBuds is a protege of marijuana cultivation legend Ed Rosenthal, who challenged him to run two competing gardens, one with CO2 and one without. The book follows both these gardens and the results of this experiment are impressive: The CO2 enriched garden definitely increased the yield, delivering close to two pounds. Using CO2 will get you more bud for the same electric bill, and the extra yield from your first grow will more than cover the investment in the equipment.

Everything you need is pictured and explained. Let's Grow!

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