Sex Pot

Sex Pot


"My new encyclopedia"

— Rihanna
Find out what tips are keeping Riri's personal life high!

"Overall, I was baffled, disgusted, uproariously amused and aroused often enough that I can honestly say Mamakind is a pretty cool, if twisted, chick."
— Celebstoner

The perfect gift for the Sex Pot in your life! Skunk Magazine columnist Mamakind tells it like it is, answering all sorts of "burning" questions surrounding weed and lovemaking. A self-professed "bongslut" and cannabis crusader, she embodies the counterculture combo of Chelsea Handler, Dan Savage, and Tommy Chong. Her wit and wisdom will help any reader work around the stickiest, most off-the-wall situations that can arise when it comes to bringing the bong to the bedroom.

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