Marijuana Buds for Less: Grow 8 oz of Bud for Less

Marijuana Buds for Less: Grow 8 oz of Bud for Less


Marijuana Buds for Less: Grow 8 ounces of Bud for Less than $100 is a great book for anyone who wishes to grow their own marijuana indoors. Unlike like guides that emphasize costly high-tech equipment, this method uses energy-saving fluorescent bulbs and other supplies readily available at the local hardware store.

The book is organized around a day-to-day guide rich with photography. Each page is a day in the life of the garden. Growers have a visual reference of their plant's progress with instructions on watering, feeding, lighting and caretaking. Potential problems are identified and growers are shown how to fix them. Each day is this grow journal also includes a factoid about marijuana drug policy and a philosophical quote from historical sources such as Albert Einstein to Kahil Gibran.

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