Supercropping Cannabis for A Higher Yield

Supercropping (Aka High Stress Training) is a technique of training top branches to grow horizontally so that the primary bud is exposed to more light. With more areas exposed, the bud grows larger than normal.

This technique can also be used when one cannabis bud is growing taller than the rest of the canopy.


Here’s how to Supercrop your cannabis plants

The stem tissue is crushed a bit to make it easy to bend. If the tissue was not wounded first by rolling it forcefully between thumb and forefinger until it weakens, the branch would snap. With the crushed tissue the stem bends easily into the desired position.

Position the branch by bending, tying down or gently snapping it.

Then it needs to be supported so it doesn’t just droop. Within a couple of days the plant repairs the wound by growing new tissue.

There are several ways to tie the top bud. The top of the stem near the growing tip is composed of flexible soft green tissue, so it can be gently bent down or sideways.

To secure the stem and branches, use soft string or cloth, gardener’s tape, twist-ties or stakes. Keep any knots loose to minimize damage. The branch may have to be supported by splinting with a skewer or bamboo support. 

When the top branch is bent so that it is positioned lower than some of the side branches, the side shoots grow as if the top branch was cut.

After the side branches have started growing, you can release the top branch so it can grow upward again.

The plant with a group of branches produces more bud weight than top dominant plants. 

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Grow the biggest, most resinous buds, maximize yield and increase potency.

Grow the biggest, most resinous buds, maximize yield and increase potency.