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John Ballantine, the CEO and founder of Distagram is a lifelong entrepreneur who began his journey by creating a wholesale electronics marketplace in Los Angeles.  Due to the stress and lack of sleep from running the business, he started experiencing seizures, and was ultimately diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor.  After the surgery, to remove his brain tumor, he left Los Angeles and relocated to Northern California.

Relocating helped John be closer to family and experience a slower pace of life. His move to Northern California also brought another benefit: he discovered the miracle benefits of CBD. John uses CBD to help him with sleep, seizure reduction, and stress reduction.  His success in using cannabis therapeutically is what inspired him to launch Distagram. 

Distagram is a CBD marketplace where buyers can discover, purchase, and share feedback on what products benefit them. John says he has always been passionate about building things for others and Distagram is a continuation of his desire to help other find therapeutic relief with Cannabis.

 John says, “I enjoy full spectrum CBD products and keep a case of CBD soda on me at all times, it helps me keep my stress down throughout the day as I am running my company.” 

John believes like the support and encouragement of cannabis industry leaders has played a critical role in his development of a CBD marketplace. He hopes others can use Distagram to find relevant products and experience the relief they need and deserve.