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BAS Research


To truly grasp the mission and origin of BAS Research, you first need to understand the journey of Dr. Bao Le and his son Andrew, an autistic boy who has battled with seizures and night terrors for most of his young life. After Le started re-searching the potential of CBD and THC to help alleviate his son’s symptoms, he soon decided to dedicate his life to find-ing safe and holistic treatment alternatives for Andrew and others in his position.

However, when he started looking for trusted sources of cannabis oil, Le found it difficult to secure a reliable source for lab-tested oils that were completely free of pesticides and other dangerous contaminants. So instead of continuing this fruitless search, Le decided to launch an extraction and manufacturing company of his own, founded with the goal of developing sound scientific methods to consistently and safely extract essential oils from the cannabis plant

Using the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Agricultural industries as a model, BAS Research set out to create best practices and standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for its cannabis extraction processes. The company is also committed to fighting the negative social stigma associated with cannabis, by demonstrating that cannabis can be processed with safe, natural methods.


Le’s hard work paid off when BAS Research received one of the first licenses to manufacture from the city of Berkeley in 2016. Later that year the company secured a strategic partnership with Montel Williams and his company, Lenitiv Labs. Williams was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1999 and has used cannabis products ever since as a medication to manage the disease’s symptoms.

As more and more cannabis products require cannabis oil as a fundamental ingredient, BAS Research’s oils can now be found in wide range of cannabis medicine in the marketplace, from vape cartridges to tinctures and topical creams. Through its unique production process, BAS is able to customize oil blends and other extracts to the specific needs of its customers. For instance, an edibles company may require an odorless tasteless oil to blend into its products, while a vape cartridge supplier might want quite the opposite – a custom, flavorful blend of natural cannabis phytomaterials that incorporates flavors from multiple strains.

Extraction science plays a fundamental role in harvesting components of the cannabis oils from the plants. Solubilities of the various molecules in another material, such as supercritical car-bon dioxide (CO2), determine the composition of the different extracts the company produces. To arrive at the best extraction methods for different strains, BAS technicians map the characteristics of each extract as the temperature and pressure are carefully manipulated for set periods of time.


Some of the company’s more popular products include a Winterized Amber Oil, which is a cannabinoid-rich CO2 extract that is refined into a translucent amber colored oil of medium viscosity and high potency through a careful removal of fats, lipids, and waxes. Primarily used for vape technologies, it can be produced in strain-specific, terpene-enriched variations and is also available as THC or CBD-dominant. The Distilled Clear Oil is a transparent and lightly golden concentrate that is decarboxylated and can be used directly as a plain distillate or be reintroduced to its terpenes for the full effect of the cannabis entourage.

Regardless of the end product, BAS Research always has its fundamental values in mind as it manufactures extracts.

“CBD and THC saved my son,” says Le. “Without it he has days of not being able to sleep when his night terrors affect him. Having experienced first-hand how CBD and THC is helping my son, I encourage everyone to research the benefits and effects of cannabis with an open mind.”