The Buds for You

The Buds for You


Whether you lobbied, protested or just voted for legalizing cannabis—you did it!
Legalization is sweeping across the country. Let’s salute a new era for
cannabis and its exciting possibilities finally becoming a reality.

This Bud’s for You looks at the newest topics.

• Concentrates: From hi-tech extracts to artisanal hash
• New careers and opportunities in the cannabis industry
• The new age of CBD and medical cannabis
• Cannabis strains for specific effects
• Breeding the next elite strain

Then take a look at the new varieties available to both hobby gardeners and commercial growers. The fifty cutting edge strains included in This Bud’s for You represent the new wave of cannabis created by some of the world’s best seed companies.

Go behind the scenes as the breeders reveal their specific strain’s lineage, flowering times, ideal climate and consumption methods.

Ed Rosenthal

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