New Rules - California's Marijuana Law Explained

New Rules - California's Marijuana Law Explained




Those tracking California’s marijuana laws know they’re a moving target.

Fortunately for cannabis users, there is a lot we do know about the new laws, how they will be enforced, and what the legal standards will be. While some that information is available online, much of it is scattered across the web, available only from disparate sources. So what exactly do cannabis users need to know to be safe on, January 1st?

New Rules provides the critical overview Californians need to safely consume in the new year. In it, cannabis journalist and lawyer, Jeremy Daw, and best-selling author Ed Rosenthal, leverage their understanding of drug policy and connection to California’s top cannabis experts to prepare readers for the laws sweeping changes.

 For example, do you know:

  • How medical and adult use differ?

  • How much you can possess?

  • Whether you can grow your own?

  • Which offenses result in fines and which result in jail time? 

Stay informed. Don't get busted! This accessible, inexpensive and easy to navigate book is a resource every marijuana user needs headed in the new year.

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