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Social Media Possibilities


Develop with a Storyteller

Individual marketing solutions tailored to communicate your unique brand narrative.


Innovate with a Disruptor

Connect with leaders and decision makers in the cannabis Industry.


Grow with a Legend

Unlock the full potential of your brand’s narrative and vision.


How do we connect you with Ed’s followers?

The cannabis community respects Ed as a powerful source of information. Share your passion for your products - your emotional connection is the

most powerful tool to reach your audience and build loyalty for your brand. When you look at our feeds, you will notice that we don’t have any

direct endorsements or recommendations. Instead we provide useful insight, teach about best practice and at the same time promote your brand

in a respectful and meaningful way.

We know that successful marketing needs consistency and impact. We are currently looking for amazing brands to build longterm relationships

with Ed We are confident in our ability to communicate your message successfully.

If you have a marketing team and concept in place, we are happy to work with them directly. If you are focused on developing your product, we

be more then happy to assist you with all your advertising needs.

Resources - photography, copywriting and development

We are in the fortunate position to be already working with top photographers, authors, and specialists in the cannabis industry due to our

work as publishers. Our core team are all subject matter experts with a distinct focus on cannabis. 

Social Media Post & Instagram Story with Swipe Up 500

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